Makeup Artist


" While I have enjoyed the work on individual shows over the years, I will be starting a new venture mentoring and training others in both individual and classroom settings. I look forward to sharing my experiences and skills with others. "


About Mary

Mary Resnik is a Professional Make-Up Artist who was trained and educated in Hollywood, California with over thirty years of professional work experience. She has refined her craft under the tutelage of some of the finest make-up and hair professionals still working today.  Mary began her professional career as an apprentice in 1982 working on the very first sketch comedy show produced by HBO,"Not Necessarily the News."  This allowed her hands-on training, learning techniques required for character and special effects on all various skin types, including but not limited to: beauty, bruises, scars, bald caps, aging, gunshots, etc. Mary eventually progressed to leading her own Make-Up Teams and supervising others on her own shows at Dick Clark Productions, Nickelodeon, the Academy Awards, and many more. These shows included various formats such as; game shows, commercials, specialty awards, music videos, as well as television series and film. 

Ms. Resnik moved from Hollywood to Louisiana in 2007 to extend her work to the rapidly expanding Louisiana Movie Industry. Her first job was to form and establish a new Make-up Department at a studio facility in Louisiana. Upon completing the project, Mary decided to experience semi-retirement while choosing to occasionally work as an independent contractor on a wide range of onsite make-up jobs throughout Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Mississippi. 

​Mary has now decided that the time is right to share her experience and expertise with those who are hoping to grow their skills in the Entertainment Make-up field. She is currently offering one on one mentoring and private consultations in addition to owning and instructing at Hollywood Makeup Bootcamp in Baton Rouge, LA.